Founded by Savanna Oudit, Oudit Creative Solutions is a boutique digital agency that craves a challenge. Our mission is to help brands find their distinct strengths and help them reach new heights in the digital arena. We offer a variety of digital marketing services from social media management to content writing and more.


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Find Your Voice

After carefully researching your business and defining its outstanding qualities, we will work to give your brand a unique voice that can be identified amongst your opponents. From copywriting to design, we create a cohesive aesthetic that will define your brand and capture your target audience.


Control Your Conversation

We design and implement social media campaigns that are created to drive engagement, bring a conversation to your platform, and push customers to explore your brand. Through both paid and owned social media strategies, we focus on social efforts that support your business goals.


Start with Story

Whether you need a formal press release or weekly blog content, we are equipped with story-telling skills to convey your brand's message in an engaging way. Our content is always centered around a call to action that will encourage your audience to interact with your brand longterm.




When FanWraps first reached out to us, they expressed that their social media efforts were lacking in consistency and quality. We created a quarterly schedule of posts for their Instagram and Facebook channels. Rather than offering stock photos, we created original lifestyle photography of the various products FanWraps offer in order to keep a cohesive impression across all social platforms. Streamlining the licensing approval process and engaging with their audience has led to a greater online following and more click-throughs to their shopping site.


We were thrilled to work alongside Mark Edwards to give his photography website a new look. By updating the layout, writing new copy, and rearranging samples of his photographs, the final product highlights his full range of work and makes it easy to book a session with him. Our goal to streamline his web menus and minimize repeated information gave his online portfolio an overall cohesive look that really showcases his photography.


One of our longtime clients, Imperial Surplus, has a rapidly growing consumer base that sends product inquires to their inboxes on a daily basis. We help Imperial Surplus manage these requests by providing quality community management services. By responding to emails and Facebook messages quickly during all hours of the day, their customers are constantly given the attention and care they deserve. We take great pride in creating a positive customer service experience for everyone who gets in touch with their brand.


Nick Murray, CEO of FanWraps

Savanna from Oudit Creative Solutions has been a great asset to our business and social media presence. Her creativity has brought continuity to our Instagram and Facebook feed. Her knowledge of marketing and relationship with influencers has translated to increased sales. We admire her go-getter attitude and excellent communication skills, which are essential for staying relevant in this fast-paced world of e-commerce.

I highly recommend Oudit Creative Solutions for all your professional branding and design needs! When I approached Oudit Creative, I immediately felt a sense of relief. Savanna talked to me about my personal work, my goals for the site, and what I hoped to accomplish and convey to my audience. From there, we were able to collaborate and tailor a design to drive my brand forward. Oudit Creative is personable and professional. Wonderful service!

I’m so grateful that I hired Savanna from Oudit Creative Solutions to help get my business back on brand and on message. She provided me clear direction on what I needed to change. My business website now communicates the right message I need to be sending to my potential clients. Without Savanna’s insight and knowledge I would still be helplessly stuck. I will continue to rely on Oudit Creative Solutions for all of my future needs. Highly recommend!

Melissa Thomas, Artist

Mark Edwards, Photographer


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