5 Reasons to Hire a Community Manager Today

Have you heard the buzz about community managers? By definition, a community manager is responsible for advocating a brand on social networks. Their job is to create a community out of thin air that gives your company a voice online. Creating a community around your brand can result in more loyal customers and conversions. So how could a community manager benefit your business? Here are our top five reasons to hire one today.

Outstanding Social Media Strategy

Every single company, even corporations, need to have a presence on social media. Community managers understand the value of using social media as a tool to give your company a creative edge and scout out a new audience for your brand. Most community managers spend at least an hour a day interacting and responding with their potential community as well as interact with similar accounts. Their keen eye focused on social media trends and what your customers love most will equip you with a strategy that will blow past the competition.

Boost Your Brand's Voice

Using a community manager to handle all of your brand's online accounts will ensure that your brand has a consistent voice. Tone of voice can make or break a relationship- especially between brands and their audience. As a company, you can’t afford to make communicative mistakes when talking to a current or potential customer, so get a community manager on your side to communicate ideas with your audience in a consistent way.

Makes the Customer Feel Important

If your brand requires lots of attention on social media or emails to respond to customer questions and complaints, you need a community manager. Even if you can’t solve a problem on the spot in a response, simply replying and expressing your concern to the customer increases their advocacy by 20 percent. In a matter of just minutes, you can turn a hater into a happy customer that will return and give you more business for years to come. This type of consistent care and attention to your community will make your customer base feel important and create brand loyalty.

Keep An Eye on the Competition

It's tough to size up the competition when you're busy running a company, big or small. A community manager can use their time to keep an eye on competitors, analyze what successful marketing techniques they're using, and process this information to create a new strategy for your brand. They can also stay up to date on social media trends and tools that will benefit the way your brand is marketed online.

Organized to the Max

Most importantly, community managers can help organize everything. From creating weekly social media reports to keeping your customer support inbox at zero, a community manager will make your life easier and informed.

Here at Oudit Creative Solutions, we offer community management services that can be tailored to your exact needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can build and manage a strong community that will drive your brand forward!

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